Fishing, Birthdays, and BBQ’s

We have had a busy couple of weeks at the lake.  We are getting settled in and have had quite a few family barbecues while getting chores done.  Anyone else bribe the help with pork steaks and beer?

While getting settled in we were blessed to be able to celebrated our oldest daughter’s 18th birthday this past weekend!  She came home from Mizzou so we could celebrate with her, missing a football game and all!  We of course had it turned on during the party so we could watch a big WIN!  MIZ…. I know I heard some shouts of ZOU out there!   We had some gorgeous weather, picnic tables groaning under the weight of food and we were surrounded by our family.  We of course missed our oldest son Collin who is away at Culver Stockton playing baseball, he had a scrimmage so he was not able to make it home to celebrate with us.

We had 4 generations of family at our house this weekend which was just awesome!  My 85 year old grandfather even participated in 3 games of bags with his great-grandchildren! I unfortunately did not get any pictures of the party, I was so busy during the day it never even crossed my mind to get out the camera, anyone else ever have that problem?

Work on our place is going to slow down quite a bit over the next few weeks.  Michael is going in for spinal fusion on Tuesday and has a long road to recovery.  We don’t want workers coming into the house while he on the road to recovery so we are keeping all work down to what I can do on my own when I am not taking care of Michael, which is mostly just painting and there is not a whole lot of that to do, but that’s ok, we have everything we need, just a whole lot of “wants” knocking on our door.


So we spent our last weekend before his surgery with 3 of our 4 kids, both cats and as many family and friends as we could get around us.  We played yard games, fished, laughed, cried, watched the deer cross our yard, had bon fires every night and ate as much as possible.   It was a beautiful weekend.

I took this picture from my back deck this afternoon.  Michael and Cyrah spent the afternoon fishing.  Cyrah caught a couple of Blue Gill and a lizard but ending up setting them all free because they were dying, she makes me proud.

Some backyard visitors. We had nine deer make their way through our backyard that night.
Some backyard visitors. We had nine deer make their way through our backyard tonight.

While I am sitting with Michael in the hospital this next week, I have some knitting/crochet projects to keep me busy.  I am going to make Bryttoni a Mizzou infinity scarf to wear to the football games now that the weather is getting colder and I am thinking a nice lap blanket will be good for Michael while he recoups this winter. I will post some pictures as the projects go along.


About us

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site!  Our names are Michael and Stacey.  We have just purchased our forever home out in the country and are working on making it ours.   After many, many years of living in the suburbs outside of St. Louis we decided that Lazy Lake Living was the life we were looking for.  We are leaving behind the shopping malls, traffic, and city life conveniences and are heading out to the country.

We were fortunate enough to find a beautiful small house on an acre and a half that backs up to a 40 acre private lake.  We have a lot to do to make this house our home but we cannot wait to get started!  Our plans include expanding our house, building a workshop, green house and chicken coop.   This will be a big adjustment for us, we are used to running to the grocery store a couple of times a day for whatever we need, now we are going to learn to grow and raise our food.

I hope you continue to drop by and see our progress.